Jan. 23, 2016 – M Gymkhana® has picked up a New Sponsor for the 2016 Season

KTM has joined forces with M Gymkhana and supplied us with two (2) KTM 390 Dukes in addition to a great deal of support!  Any event you ride will give you access to a demo ride of the 2016 KTM 390 Duke.  We are so excited to continue to have a fantastic relationship with our tyre sponsor (with a Y) Avon Tyres of North America with the addition to several local supporting vendors.  Please take the time and view our Partners Page to learn more about them.  We look forward to seeing all you Gymkhaners and Cone Monkeys throughout the year at Auto Club Speedway, OC Fairgrounds, Levi Stadium, Mission College, Willow Springs and who knows where else you will find us this year.  Please make sure to Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube as well to keep abreast of all our activity!  Also don’t forget to keep tabs on “Captain the Cone Monkey” and follow his motogymkhana adventures throughout the world!  The KTM Cup World Competition and our MGymkhanaWC Competition will begin in February and we’ve got 16 possible rounds of competition for all of you…  The courses are crazy challenging and will prove to be great fun for all those who decide to give it a try and compete for a free set of Avon Tyres at years end!!!!!!


MGX® Mission College Weekend Oct. 10-11th – Santa Clara Day 1 This past weekend was a fantastic opportunity to head back up North and visit the Bay Area Riders once again.  It’s been too long and they’ve been chompin at the bit to get back on their bikes in anger, trying to sort out which direction to go, how much lean angle and speed to carry and how many cones to destroy in the process!  All jokes aside it was great to see the Northern Cali regulars and several newcomers back to the wonderful world of M Gymkhana®.  The new location that we were able to secure was in the heart of Santa Clara at Mission Community College’s Lot A.  Ample space and plenty of grip gave us an opportunity to set up 4 larger and fairly quick courses, which allowed the riders to really open up the taps in several places in addition to forcing them to work on several other skills; trail braking on a lean, subtle rear brake modulation and throttle pick-up when cranked over! Saturday morning saw typical Northern California weather, cool morning with fog which became heavy mist that spat on course and riders alike until about 11:30hrs.  But of course because “real riders” ride in weather, this didn’t intimidate any.  With a reduction in tire pressures and a course walk the riders were ready to go!  As is normal we had a few follow-the-leader laps, then the riders were left to their own to pick up their pace as they gained confidence.  There was some constructive critiques and advice handed down to all which helped along the way.  After a little of the same on Course 2, it was time to break for lunch as the sun poked it’s head from behind the clouds and temps rose to low 80s. The afternoon saw the timing equipment make its way to the start and finish boxes and the real fun began.  All riders improved on their times by days end with a little bit of friendly competition finding it’s way in amongst the competitors (riders, lol)  Smiles, laughs and some good banter followed as the riders peeled off leathers, jackets and boots bringing Day 1 to a close along with some snacks and choice “beverages”! Day 2 Sunday saw some returnees from Day 1 along with newcomers and regulars including Kevin Tong, Adam, Jason Thigpen & James Ging, who brought along a brutal sounding Ducati Panigale.  After the course walks and introductions the riders went out familiarizing themselves with Sunday’s 2 new Courses. As is the case, Sunday’s courses have a tendency to be much quicker and the riders definitely took advantage of the more open sections to get the rear tires spinning up, and in a lot of cases, TJ on his KTM500 was backing it in!  After some suggestions were given and lines adjusted many learned that being “fast” doesn’t always mean being “quick”.  Once the In N Out arrived for lunch, the timing equipment was set in place and all that was learned during the morning sessions was put into practice in anger.  This practice showed as the guys times were very competitive and consistently quick while pushing each other to improve and go quicker.  Unfortunately we did see Eric having to leave a bit earlier than expected due to a nail picked up in his rear tire.  In addition James G had a “freak fall” on the Panigale on Course 2 (which had us all scratching our heads trying to figure out the cause) that resulted in an injured hand.  Overall much fun was had, all bikes were okay, new skills attained as the day came to an end and the event to it’s conclusion.  M Gymkhana® would once again like to give a huge shout out of thanks and appreciation for all those who came out and participated and we’d like to tell you because of the great fun that we have when we do come in addition to the multiple requests for more dates we are making arrangements to be back for 2016 at least 6 times throughout the year beginning in February!  Stay tuned for updates and the 2016 schedule.  We’ll be seeing you soon Bay Area Riders!!!! Don’t forget to check out the pics from this weekend…


MGX® Day Session Sun Aug23rd – Fullerton, CA Sunday saw beautiful sunshine and high 80 degree temps with a slight breeze which made it a great afternoon to ride a motorcycle on a motogymkhana course.  Canopies put up, chairs and coolers in place, gear pulled out and bikes ready for the day at 11:00hr start time.  Originally 10 riders committed and signed-up to attend saw a few last minute cancelations which basically made it, literally a “KTM” Day Session.  Justin Dawes pulled the doors open to the KTM van and pulled out the recently introduced to America 390Duke along with the great 1290Duke and brought along several riders with varying skill levels to give M Gymkhana® a try for the first time at the Fullerton DMV.  The intermediate (short) level course was laid out on a fairly debris free tarmac, which got a little slick later in the day due to the lack of cloud cover.  After a very brief introduction to the rules and a course walk, the riders suited up fired the bikes up and started with a follow the leader on course.  After a bit of time at slow pace following the yellow vested JBush, the pace quickened til JBush began following the riders and then once the riders were comfortable they were released on their own.  All the riders caught on very quickly and slowly started to get  more comfortable, getting their minds up to speed and eyes looking further and further ahead, getting the heads turned, bodies in better position and started accelerating harder and braking later.  Although not a competition day, there is always the clock that we have to measure improvement.  A few tweaks here and there to some inputs of some riders, for example Tyler Posey being the newest of the riders there that day, really helped them to feel more comfortable and get them to smooth out their riding.  Riding motogymkhana is much more different then riding on the street, so it’s always a bit of a change to what most are accustomed to.  Chris Fillmore needed no such assistance and definitely got the 1290 spinning up the rear “supermoto style” all over the course.  Once on the 390Duke, he really pushed the little bike with a healthy grunty motor  and had it squirting out of every turn showing the full potential and capability of this great smaller displacement single!  After a quick break the #MGymkhanaWC1 course was set up with a few adjustments due to the layout of the tarmac and the riders got a chance to put some times in.  Considering the surface conditions and after some adjustments to the new layout, lines were changed-up and massaged and saw the riders were putting in some very quick times.  Rennie Scaysbrook had the luggage-slung 1290Duke’s nose in the air and rear-end fish-tailing all over the course!  Both he and Justin Dawes got a chance to ride no the 390Duke as well and came within 10th’s of each others times.  Nothing like a little friendly competition to bring your skills out.  At day’s end, sweaty leathers removed and thirsts quenched all those that attended exchanged hearty handshakes and smiles as they’d tried something they’d never done before and really enjoyed themselves.  Glad to have new riders come out to give motogymkhana a try and we look forward to seeing them attend another MGX® Day Session in the future!  Don’t forget to go check out the latest pics…


M1GP – Sat & Sun Aug 1-2, 2015 Streets of Willow – Round 7 Had another great time this past weekend with M1GP.  This was their Round 7 and it was at the bigger track at the Streets Course of Willow Springs.  It was HOT, HOT HOT!! Oh yea and it was humid too.  The weather was a challenge, but also part of the fun.  Saturday in the high 90’s was a lot of practice, really getting used to the TTR125 Yamaha on a brand new set of IRC tires that I put on it last minute Friday night.  No gearing changes were made, no suspension changes which means the bike was chattering all over the place in the infield section cause it’s quite bumpy and it was maxed-out a 1/4 of the way down the front straight wailing away!!!!  But she did a great job, handled the heat and my throwing it into the turns trying to make up for a lack of power.  The knee pucks are nice and worn down and the little thin tires are throughly scrubbed in.  The end of Sunday saw a two hour endurance race which was a real test, but thanks to the comfort of the seat and getting used to the little bike I was able to get through it about 10lbs light (water loss).  I was also able to get a little practice in on the M Gymkhana WC #1 Course. Sunday, saw all racing after a brief practice session in the morning which included the qualifying that wasn’t taken care of the day before due to some track maintenance.  I managed to pass a few riders in the two races that I was in and did well enough to earn a third place position in the second.  There was some great racing in all classes.  The Expert 65GP race with Young Lee and Toby Khamsouk saw a tight battle that went down to the last few laps, until a crash by one of the riders made the outcome a forgone conclusion.  Check out the M1GP Facebook to get the results and see who won!  Sunday also gave us a great opportunity to get some guys out on the MGymkhanaWC1 Course and introduce them to the sport.  The skills that riders learn in M Gymkhana really directly translate into improved riding on course, particularly with a small displacement motorcycle like those used in M1GP.  Go check out the latest pics…


M1GP – Sunday July 19th Willow Springs Kart Track We thought the rain that made the MGX® Day Session lot a lake, (should have tried “jet-ski” gymkhana) would have stayed around on Sunday, but……NOPE!  The weather was hot and humid but dry the entire day until about 17:00hrs when we were all packed up and on the way home.  Then the skies ripped open and dumped an entire sky full of water on those traveling the 14FWY and beyond.  M1GP invited us out to put my 6’4 200lbs frame on a 50cc and scrape sliders, knees, elbows and butt on the tarmac working on these little bikes.  They offer Honda 50’s for those that don’t have their own bikes and also have a variety of smaller displacement motorcycles 200cc and below and riders showed up to work on race craft, line selection, body position and smoothness (sounds familiar right?).  Had a great time with the Young Lee (founder of M1GP), crew and riders.  I’m still tired and sore, but it was really enjoyable!  Great way to learn to control and super small, twitchy machine as every input you put into the bars and your body has an effect on the bikes tracking.  We’re looking forward to another opportunity we’ll have to get out to another M1GP event and we hope to have the M1GP crew out to a MGX® Day Session, because you know of course that I got some motogymkhana riding in at the event, right?!  Thanks again to Young Lee and all the M1GP crew members.  Take a look at the pictures… M1GP information below:


M Gymkhana® Sat. June 6th Spring Competition – San Pedro, CA It was a cool overcast Saturday afternoon for the Spring 2015 M Gymkhana® Competition presented by Avon Tyres of North America. 2 rounds only for Spring 2015, and the weather made it a little challenging to get temp in the tires but with enough riding on the warm-up course, tire temp reached acceptable levels for decent times. The grey skies scared a lot of riders off but don’t forget Gymkhaners…”we ride in all weather” rain or shine and it’s equally as important to be proficient in all conditions. Moichi, Dave and James rode today for the quick three (3) hour session. Round 1 Course: Sonoma Short but sweet course that was used in Sonoma, CA (Sonoma Raceway) that utilized three(3) distinct sections which allowed a little mix of everything, hard acceleration and braking, flowing sections that forced you to carry the throttle a bit and a tight technical box section. Moichi’s Runs: DQ’d, 57.13, 56.94 – 25pts for 1st place David’s Runs: 1.16.4, DQ’d, 1.08.7 – 16pts for 3rd place James’ Runs: 58.1, 58.02, 58.97 – 20pts for 2nd place Roudn2 Course: Double 8 New type of course for M Gymkhana® was very basic staggered figure 8 which we’re trying for the first time and will use from now on throughout the year similar to F8. Gets riders to work on rhythm with hard throttle application, hard braking to rotation and back on the gas again. Moichi’s Runs: 33.6, 34.1, 33.7 – 25pts 1st place David’s Runs: 37.4, 38.3, 37.9 – 16pts 3rd place James’ Runs: 35.5, 35.8, 36 – 20pts 2nd place * Points will be carried for the entire year of 2015 and totaled at year’s end Latest pics…