M Gymkhana® World Competition (WC) 2019

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#2019MGymkhanaWC1 – Map

We’re back for 2019 #ConeMonkeys.  The World Competition is ready for you to #getyourconeon once again.  Feb. 2nd  kicks off 9 rounds of action with riders competing from all over the world! The rules and points still apply from 2018 with a few new updates.  All competitors will have until the 19th of each month to set-up/run the course, set a time and submit a video of their best run by 23:59hrs P.S.T., which MUST BE submitted through our submission link (where is gets time stamped).   We are taking the best 8 of your 9 round of scores, so you have an opportunity to miss 1 round of competition and not be penalize!  Which means, if you happen to go on holiday or get injured and miss one round… you’re still in the hunt because we drop your lowest/slowest point score.    There will be no “Base Times” set on any of the courses and because we’ve had several women consistently competing, we will have a prizes awarded for the top female riders for the season as well #FemaleConeMonkeys!  There will also be several new obstacles and “rider’s choice” options as well.

Standard motogymkhana rules apply.  The Minimum Cone height required is 30.48 cm but there will be a 1 sec penalty if used.  Official cone height is 45cm. Start and Stop boxes will always be 1.5m wide by 3m long.  All 2019 courses will fit inside of an area 18m by 18m. Time Penalties are as follows: 1 second for Cone Touch, Foot Down (Tap); 3 seconds for Missing Jink Line, Multiple Foot Down (Waddle), Not Stopping in the Finish Box Boundries; DQ’d for Missing Obstacle/Riding an Obstacle in Wrong Direction. Points will be tallied as described under Rules and Regulations Section 9.5 “Competition Points Scoring”

M Gymkhana® World Competition is FREE to ENTER, but If you’d like to Donate Funds to support our site, our mission or to support the continued growth of this wonderful sport of Motogymkhana in the U.S. please feel free to send funds to Paypal  ppal