SoCal Event Sign-Up

Southern California 

August 29th – M Gymkhana® Cup – A.C.S. – $125

Sept 18th – M Gymkhana® – A.F.V. $125

October 10th – M Gymkhana® Cup – A.C.S. – $125

October 23rd – M Gymkhana® – A.F.V. $125

November 6th – M Gymkhana® – A.F.V. $125

November 28th – M Gymkhana® Cup – A.C.S. – $125


Event Waiver – required to be signed at each event

ACSAuto Club SpeedwayGCGrossmont College, San Diego, CAAVFAntelope Valley Fairgrounds


5 thoughts on “SoCal Event Sign-Up

  1. Hi, id like to become a member and attend in February, but im in San Francisco. Do you have bikes on site i can use? I own a ktm 390 duke like the ones on your videos.

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