M Gymkhana® got it’s start in October of 2012 here in the US.  With the number of race tracks dwindling year by year and the number of track days being reduced as well, M Gymkhana® wanted to be an avenue where rider’s could actually put their motorcycles and themselves to a test of skill.  California has beautiful mountain roads and canyons that are being ridden everyday and every weekend, but the more you ride them the more you realize how many riders out there are underqualified and overconfident in their ability to ride these roads safely.  M Gymkhana’s® purpose is to increase the skills and ability of the everyday rider, give them the confidence and ability to ride everyday in a much safer capacity, give them a challenge in a semi-competitive and friendly environment, but being able to do so close to home on a budget.  M Gymkhana® was also created to try to bridge gap between the poor reputation that many motorcyclist have as being daredevils, irresponsible and dangerous (honestly because many are, due to a lack of skill and overconfidence), by trying to introduce the everyday “caged” commuter to the real talent that it takes to ride a motorcycle well.  We ride because we love motorcycles, but there is always room for improvement.  Why not become a better rider by pushing your skills and abilities in a safe environment with others who have the same desire and have a great time in the process!  This is why we started M Gymkhana®, and we hope to have any who would like to, come out and give us a try.