Private Training Sessions

If you’re looking for some training: whether in advanced skills of Motogymkhana or simply some basic riding techniques and skills M Gymkhana® is available for PRIVATE TRAINING SESSIONS!

We come to where you are or if you in our area you come to us (West Covina) and we take personal time to work on advanced motorcycle riding program over the course of a few hours. We work on a few basic fundamentals of Motogymkhana patterns (Figure 8, Staggered and Basic Slalom, etc…) or we can simply work on maneuvers that you are having a little trouble with personally.

At the center of all of our training is throttle control, braking inputs (front and rear), full lock turning, transitions, body positioning and the like.  The most important thing about anything you do throughout your motorcycling life is ALWAYS maintain and improve your skills. In order to do this, you must practice, practice, practice. 

What do you need?

  • Motorcycle/Scooter
  • $50/hour with a 2-hour minimum (local)
  • $100/hour with a 2-hour minimum (non-local)
  • Willing to learn attitude and readiness to have a ton of fun!!

Contact us for availability:; 818.640.3116