What is Gymkhana

No It Doesn’t Have Anything To Do With a “Gym”.  Gymkhana Originally Came From The Term O-Mok-See, Thought To Have Originated From The Blackfeet Indian Tribe That Described a Particular Style Of Riding Involving Horses.  The Term In Native American Loosely Translates “Games On Horseback.”  Getting a Start On Horseback Isn’t Too Far Off From What It Has Become Now; Where Equestrian Events Consisting Of Speed, Pattern Racing and Time Games For Riders On Horses Still Take Place In The UK and United States. Motorcycle Gymkhana Became Popular On “Steel Horses” In The 1970’s In Japan As a Way To Create a Sport Whereas Riders Could Compete On Limited Budgets In Limited Space On Non-Dedicated Traditional Racetracks.  The Sport Has Continued To Grow, Not Only In Japan But Also All Over The Globe and Is Based On Sportsmanship and Friendly Competition.

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