MGym® TechTip #7 – Full Lock

Gymkhaners, It’s been a while I know for an updated MGym® TechTip, but here we go.  We’ve talked about several things through 1-6, but here on #7 we’re going to discuss something that most people who ride tend to avoid or really be afraid of….. Full-Lock Turns Getting to Full-Lock in motogymkhana is an extremely…

Demo – Laps – M Gymkhana® Comp Rd 1

Demo Laps of a M Gymkhana® Competition Course We’re most likely going to run a two (2) Round Competition Sat. and Sun. March 14-15th, 2015 at Santa Clara’s Levi Stadium.  This will give you a little idea of what it might look like!  Keep you eyes and ears open for the announcement!!