Dec. 8th Round 4 Coming Up!!!!

M Gymkhaner’s,

The Fall 2012 M Gymkhana® Season is halfway through and coming to an exciting action-packed end.  Round 4 is coming up in just 8 days!  Dec. 8th’s Round 4’s course is being completed this weekend and will be sent out via email on Monday the 3rd for those in the competition.  J.Bush leading the championship by 18 points with J.DeLuca right on his tail.  New Gymkhana® Rider’s “Two-Stroke” Tommy Bencharit and “Team 48” Mike Guaba have vowed to come back with a vengeance for the later part of the year.  3 Rounds are left, we’ll see how many points they can make up to get their hands on the podium finishes and the cash!!!!!!