We’ve found a new location, more centrally located in Glendale with much better tarmac.  We’re in the process of securing sponsership in order to ensure the dates that we have scheduled for the remainder of the year!!!  Updates to follow.  We have the first date that should be coming up in June.  Keep you eyes/ears open!!!


Previous news from May 8, 2013……”We are still on the hunt for a new permanent home for M Gymkhana which means that the May 11th Date for the Summer Competition Rounds will have to be pushed to a later date.  Once that new local is sourced, we will updated all M Gymkhana Members of the new location and the updated schedule.  Thanks so much for you patience and understanding with us Gymkhaners.  Keep your eyes and ears open for the updates.”

Previous news from Jan. 16, 2013……M Gymkhana® has lost it’s home at Burbank’s Bob Hope Airport.  The Airport has taken on several new vendors and we’ve been out bid for several of our Competition days throughout the year.  So instead of trying to “piece-mail” rounds at the airport we’ve decided to try and find an alternate permanent location(s) for M Gymkhana® in the local area.  We will keep the M Gymkhana Family in the loop when we do find our new location.”