M Gymkhana® Competition Rounds 2-4 Winter (San Pedro, CA)

M Gymkhana® Competition Rounds 2-4 Winter (San Pedro, CA)

S.S. Lane Victory

Berth 49 San Pedro, CA

If you are going south on the 110 Freeway:
Take the Vincent Thomas Bridge, HWY. 47 exit and stay to the right.  The first and only off ramp before the bridge is HARBOR BLVD. Do not miss it or you will be forced to cross the Vincent Thomas Bridge into Long Beach. Harbor Blvd turns into Miner St. at the intersection with Gultch Av by the little league baseball field.   Bear left onto Miner St, continuing south.  Go around the turn-around at the end of Miner St. S.S. Lane Victory Parking is immediately on the right at the apex of the turn around..

Flat $30 buy in – Cash Prizes for top 3 riders!!!
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Warm-up Course and 3 Competition Courses will be utilized

3 Rounds of competition

1100 – 11:40hrs: Competition Round 2 Course Walk

11:40-11:20hrs: Avon Tyres Winter Championship Round 2 Time Attacks

11:35-12:05hrs: Competition Round 3 Course Walk-thru

12:05-12:45hrs: Avon Tyres Winter Championship Round 3 Time Attacks

12:45-13:05hrs: Break

13:00-13:40hrs: Competition Round 4 Course Walk-thru

13:40-14:20hrs: Avon Tyres Winter Championship Round 4 Time Attacks

14:20-14:50hrs: F8, Practice, Free Ride Time