MGym® TechTip #6 – Smooth


We’re overdue for the MGym® TechTip so… here it is!

More than on anything else that is important.  Toward the top of the list is the ability you have to be SMOOTH.  Obviously, course remembrance is essential, but once achieved, getting a confident and SMOOTH rhythm of throttle pick-up, brake application and release, steering input, etc… is of prime importance.  As in racing getting “your rhythm” and sticking with it increases speed (your confidence in knowing when/where, etc… allows you to make small incremental adjustments to gain time).  Racing/moto gymkhana is more about being “quick“, rather then being fast.  Time is gained or lost in the transitions.  It is very difficult making up time with bigger inputs (gas, brake, stirring, etc…), but time can definitely be made up with better inputs.  Smoothly transitioning from brake to throttle pick-up with less gaps in-between, allowing the tyres to gain traction progressively (which allows you to feel their levels of grip better), allows the weight to transfer from front to rear w/out unsettling the motorcycle.  Shifting weight from peg to peg while simultaneously pushing/pulling the bars to get the bike turned.  Smoothly looking from cone to cone, dancing from obstacle to obstacle.  Course confidence allows you to be smooth because you are giving yourself enough time to direct the motorcycle through the course without large and abrupt inputs.