M Gymkhana® World Competition Course (WC) #1

Gymkhaners… It’s here!!!!

The first M Gymkhana® World Competition Course (WC) #1!  The standard time that is set for the course is 41.20 seconds.  Meet this time and beat it which is very attainable.  Record your time on video in whatever way you can, example shown below.  Don’t touch a cone or miss stopping in the finish box or you will be penalized.  Minimum cones height 22.86cm/9in (preferred cone height 30.48cm/12in) the Official cone height is 45cm/17.5in (if you can get them). 1 second for a cone touch, 1 second for a foot tap, 3 seconds for a duck waddle and 3 seconds for stopping outside of the finish box (2m wide by 3m long).  Course is shown below…  The competition stops August 2nd, which will allow our New Zealand Kiwi gymkhaners to compete as well.  Send your times to us at info@m-gymkhana.com or mgymkhana@gmail.com along with your video, or just post your attack on youtube and include  the tag “MGymkhanaWC1” and we’ll update the times and names on the site!  Excited to see who’s going to be the quickest!  Have at it gymkhaners!!!!     PDF version:  M Gymkhana WC#1

The Rankings will be posted and updated on the Friday of every week until August 2nd to give everyone an opportunity to shoot for a time on the Weekend.

M Gymkhana WC#1