M Gymkhana® World Competition Course (WC) #2

Here it is Gymkhaners #MGymkhanaWC2!  You asked for it and you’ve got it!  It takes up less space, but gives you an opportunity to really practice your motogymkhana skills by blending a few aspects of riding into one quick but technical course.  PDF of course is below along with a brief video tutorial.  Competition ends September 13th, 2015!  #getyourconeon Don’t forget to hashtag #MGymkhanaWC2 along with your video and time (facebook us, tweet us, email us, youtube us or instagram us (@mgymkhanasocal).

It is a basic set-up.  Stand rules Start/Finish Box (each box = 1m wide/3m long – side by side, Start on left/finish on right), two 6m diameter circles, 6m apart, with three individual single cones.  The top cone is 6m from the 2nd 6m circle the two side cones are 18m apart from one another from the center of the course.

Course PDF – M Gymkhana WC #2