MGym® TechTip #8 – Style Change

MGym® TechTip #8 is all about Style, More specifically, changing or adjusting your style.  Motogymkhana is a sport and with every sport you must train.  Basketball requires shooting form drills, football requires kicking and passing drills.  But more then the drills is the way that you go about performing them. Motogymkhana requires the same thing. Adjusting your riding to what the course requires of you as a rider as it determines the way or form that you use in a given scenario.  For example, when you’re riding on a course with a more flowing nature that would allow for a greater importance on caring speed around cones.  It would change the way that you ride on the motorcycle.  A scenario when you have a large radius turn followed by a tight slalom sequence then a single rotation turn cone, wouldn’t allow for you to hang off the bike in the first section because you would lose time shifting weight back to the center of the bike for the tight slalom, then changing your style for the rotation turn.  You have to choose what style (body position) to use on course and think of which to incorporate during the pre-run walk-through at a competition.  Working on these styles at MGX Day Sessions is a vital part of being quick in Motogymkhana.  Mastering the ability to switch styles smoothly and quickly during the transitions will make you more comfortable and quicker on course.