Auto Club Speedway Sept 17th MGX® Day Session

We’ll be back at it #ConeMonkeys!!

Sept 17th at Auto Club Speedway.  2 new courses with a warm-up course AND we will have a new HEAD-to-HEAD course set-up as well!!!

The head-to-head went over so well in Santa Clara that we will be incorporating brand new courses in addition to all the other activities!

Focuse on your own best time, concentrate on improving your own skills and the speed will come on it’s own. Focus on bike feel, vision, smooth and direct inputs, quicker transitions, trusting the tires and having a GREAT TIME!

Enjoy the full day of motogymkhana fun! Study the courses ahead of time, learn the rules and ride. Get personal riding instruction to better your skills and beat your fastest times!

We’ll be right next to the garage paddock area to the left of the garage paddock entrance, riding on a new riding surface, rich black colored smooth asphalt!!!!!!.  Concentrate, ride hard, get quicker, get to full lock, brake harder, accelerate earlier…#getyourconeon with us!

Registration is open!  Register by Friday 23rd: Day of registration will add $10.

Auto Club Speedway  9300 Cherry Ave. Fontana, CA 92335

Registration includes: lunch, snacks and drinks.

Schedule & course maps below .

Auto Club MGX Sept 17th Course 1

Auto Club MGX Sept 17th Course 2

Auto Club Speedway Sep. 17th


10:00 – 10:15: Sign-in/Registration/Bib Assignment

10:15 – 10:30: Rules/Course Walk 1

10:30 – 11:20: Practice Course 1

11:20 – 12:20: Time Course 1

12:20 – 1:10: Practice Course 2

1:10 – 1:40: Lunch (provided)

1:40 – 2:40: Time Course 2

2:50 – 4:00: HEAD-to-HEAD

*Warm-up course available all day

*F8 Course available all day

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