Oct. 27th MGX® Day Session Results

On a beautiful, sunny Saturday afternoon M Gymkhana® had Round 2 of the M Gymkhana® Fall Season Championship and the 2nd MGX® Day Session in its existence.  A nice group of about 10 (Carlos Sandoval, Ozzie & Alan Mork, Erick Villegas, Joey DeLuca and Carlos Fernandez (Academy of Motorcycle Operation), just to name a few) showed up for the day’s activities!  The weather that scared those off last week was nowhere in sight!  With the normal scheduled briefing and instruction starting a little late the riders went out for the first session on the Introductory Course

This week’s Intro Course 1 saw a new larger radius blue-coned turn before a yellow topped red cone, which is an attempt to help the riders learn how to set up for 270 degree cone and get a better exit and set-up for the next obstacle .  After a few stops to help the riders with body and head positioning, stressing to bend their elbows and relax their shoulders for better feel, the riders went back out with a bite more fluidity of lines and quickness.

The 2nd Session saw a much more aggressive Intermediate Course 2 design that had a much tighter 1st section with a Double-Yellow (ride through) Cone section as well.  The riders had the opportunity to follow me through for the first few times and were given an idea of lines through the Course 2 layout.  After riding a few times through the speed increase as well as the confidence to lay the bike over.  Most riders have a more difficult time turning to the right then to the left for several reasons, but once we discussed what the issues were and again adjusted body position and line of sight, the throttle response quickened and confidence grew!  Carlos Fernandez (A.M.O.) on his Harley D. came out and chased after J.DeLuca on his 07 R6 and kept up easily, he’s a good rider on that hog, and will become even better here at M Gymkhana® Events; We’ll see if we can get him in the competition.  Head over to the News/Updates & Results to get the latest on the M Gymkhana® Fall Season Championship!!

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