Nov. 10th Round 3 & MGX Day Session – Latest/Updates

Round 3 Coming Up this Saturday!!  Two Honda motards ridden by a couple local riders are tentatively slotted to be coming out for Round 3 Competition Round.  Looking forward to seeing these bikes run on course this Saturday!  

This weeks MGX Day Session Courses are running clock-wise and the Competition Course will be running counter-clockwise which is new.  Also added this week, we will be incorporating a few new obstacles.  If you are going to try your hand at the Comp Course and try to get your hands on the cash at the end of the year $300 1st place, $150 2nd place and $75 for 3rd in the Fall Championship, sign-up now so we can get the diagram to you early for study!!!

This is the 3rd Round, so it’s not too late to start scoring points!

Standings After 2 Rounds – Fall 2012 M Gymkhana® Season

J.Bush : 50 Points

J.Deluca 36 : -14 

A.Liwag 20 : -30

E.Villegas 16 : -34

T.Martinez 13 : -37

O.Mork 13 : -37

A.Mork 1 : -49