Nov. 10th – MGX® Day Session

Round 3 of the Fall M Gymkhana® Season Championship saw a few new M Gymkhana® Riders added to the fold this past weekend!  The weather was glorious as a strong breeze blew all afternoon and kept the rain clouds that showed up towards the end of the day at bay.  “Two-Stoke” Tommy Bencharit of Cycle Depot (Eagle Rock) came through with Mike Guaba “Team 48” (Los Feliz) on their 250 and 450 motards and showed some nice speed out on course, J.DeLuca and J.Bush rounded out those that participated in the Competition Round 3.

The MGX Day Sessions® started a little late as most riders showed up at about 12:50hrs which worked out perfect as course set-up took a little longer than usual due to the high winds.  MGX® Course #1 running clock-wise had a slalom in the 1st section, followed by a back to back yellow-topped blue cone section.  MGX® Course #2 was tight throughout, with a large radius blue coned at the start with a tight slalom that followed; yellow coned box with a few back and forth yellow-topped blue and reds towards the middle section had the riders working on quickening up their transitions. Go to “Results” to check out what happened at the Competition Round.  

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