Saturday’s Practice/Skills day went really well!  Prep for the day went well, with a quick sweeping of the lot to clear excess debris.  We started 10min behind schedule with a quick cones review and brief walk of course, but the riders just wanted to get to it.  We started with some follow-the-leader which got them more acquainted with the course rules.  Basic intermediate course with a lot of yellow-topped cones (which initially we run as basic blue/red to get the riders up to speed).  Then they were left to their own devices.  With a few breaks in between we changed to the 2nd course.  It was a 7 coned continual course that proved to be very challenging, but was run with a lot of consistent times.  20.2’s were the initial times run on this course, but with a few line tweaks, changes in body positioning and breaking points, 18.2’s and 18.3’s were being banged out with consistency.  Here are a few pictures, but video will be up soon. (Photos courtisy of Lewis Jackson, Jr.)

M Gymkhana Practice Aug 3 - JBush M Gymkhana Practice Aug 3 - JBush2 M Gymkhana Practice Aug 3 - JBush3