Aug. 24th Event Pics/Update


It was a nice day out on Saturday with those that came out and rode.  M. Calderon, L. Jackson, J. Chavez and J. Bush were out for the day!  Hot was the word of the day, but plenty of water and some snacks helped the day along.  We even thought about ordering some pizza as the guys who were testing a quick turbo-charged kart did.  They were with us for a portion of the day mapping the fueling system of the kart and J. Bush happened to “borrow” their motorized bicycle and took it for a few laps around the MGX® Course… (we’ll ride anything, lol)

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 The MGX® Day Courses and both Moc-Competition Courses were nice to ride.  Rounds 1 & 2 Moc-Competition Courses were both intermediate levels:

     Round 1’s course started with a quick slalom section into 2 succesive yellow-top blue cones.  Jumping hard on the throttle allowed you to make up some time into a twin yellow section which was followed by a large radius red cone and an even larger radius blue coned section 2.  Section 3 was a bit tricky, again hard on the throttle out of Section 2 brings you to a slightly off camber blue cone taking you through a twin yellow cross-over to a yellow-topped red back through the twin yellow to a tight blue-red combination to the finish.  J. Bush came in with the quickest 1st time attack time followed by L. Jackson and M. Calderon.  the 2nd Attacks were much the same except L. Jackson was DQ’d but kept his 1st timed attack time.

     Round 2’s course was a bit quicker but just as tight in a few sections.  Right out of the starting box you have a quick blue-red combination and had to jump on the throttle to come back across the start/end boxes to a twin yellow section.  Leaving the twin yellows you get to a blue – red – blue “fingers” section (which if not taken aggresively could lose you a lot of time) to a yellow-topped blue leading to a quick slalom taking you to the other side of the course to begin the 3rd and final Section.  To begin the 3rd Sector you have a yellow-topped blue driving out of it to a blue, through a twin yellow followed by an off-cambered red which almost doubles back on itself and finished by a blue cone to take you to the end box.  Again J. Bush came in with the quickest time overall which was accomplished on his 1st attack (2nd attack was slower due to a mistake in the intial twin yellow section costing him 2 seconds) M. Caldron followed just 5 seconds behind and L. Jackson was DQ’d once again missing several cones and traveling in the wrong direction.  To see Results check on the “Results Page”.

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