Fall 2014 M Gymkhana® Rounds 1-3 Sat. Sept. 20th

Back at it again for the 2014 Fall Season of M Gymkhana® takes place this Saturday Sept. 20th from 12:00-16:00hrs in Glendale, CA!!!

Three Rounds of competition jumping off just North of the 134fwy at the San Fernando Rd. exit.  Start time is moved up a few hours to high noon (12:00hrs).  Looking forward to seeing all riders, with any/all levels of experience come out the try M Gymkhana® before the year is over.


1200 – 1215hrs:  M Gymkhana® Summer Championship Sign-up & Briefing (Cones/Safety Review)

1215-1235hrs:  Competition Round 1 Course Walk-thru

1240-1310hrs:  Avon Tyres Summer Championship Round 1 Time Attacks

1320-1340hrs:  Competition Round 2 Course Walk-thru

1345-1415hrs:  Avon Tyres Summer Championship Round 2 Time Attacks

1420-1440hrs: Break

1445-1505hrs:  Competition Round 3 Course Walk-thru

1510-1540hrs:  Avon Tyres Spring Championship Round 3 Time Attacks

1540-1600hrs: Free riding practice