MGX® Day Session & M Gymkhana® Competition March 14 – 15th Levi Stadium – Schedule of Events


M Gymkhana® will be heading back up to Northern California and this time we’re going to be having a Competition in addition to the MGX® Day Session!

Levi Stadium 4900 Marie P. DeBartolo Way Santa Clara, CA on March 14-15th.  Our event will be located at the North/West lot off of Tasman Dr. at Convention Center – Saturday and Sunday MGX® Experience Day Session’s both days will start promptly at 11:00hrs and run until 16:00hrs.  Sign-up as soon as your able while there are slots available!

Schedule of the Days Events – MGX® Day Session

1100 – 1130hrs:  MGX®/ M Gym® Sign-up & Briefing (Cones/Safety Review/Tech Inspection)

1100 – 1230hrs:  MGX® Session 1 – Course 1 (follow-the-leader, technique/line review, timed sessions)

1230 – 1310hrs:  Concentric Circles

1310-1330hrs:  Break

1350-1520hrs:  MGX® Session 2 – Course 2 (follow-the-leader, technique/line review, timed sessions)

1520-1600hrs: F8

1520-1600hrs: MGX® Course (1 & 2) Open to all Participants

MGX® Day Session Waiver

Sign-up and Register below: click the pic below for the event you want to attend.

MGX® Experience Day Session Saturday Mar. 14, 2015 – $35M Gymkhana Practice Aug 3 - JBush

MGX® Experience Day Session Sunday Mar. 15, 2015 – $35M Gymkhana Practice Aug 3 - JBush

MGX® Experience Day Sessions Combo Mar. 14 & 15th, 2015 – $55DSC_7153

Schedule of Events – M Gymkhana® Competition

1230 – 1300: M Gymkhana® Course 1 Walk-thru – MGX® Course 1 will be open for warm-up/practice

1310 – 1410: M Gymkhana® Course 1 (Timed Runs)

1430 – 1500: M Gymkhana® Course 2 Walk-thru – MGX® Course 1 & 2 will be open for warm-up/practice

1510 – 1600: M Gymkhana® Course 2 (Timed Runs)

Sign-up and Register below: the $20 will be in addition to your regular fee from above ** Cash Prize to the Podium Finishers **

M Gymkhana® Competition – Register $20

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