Women’s only MGX® Day Session – Sept. 10th SS Lane Victory, San Pedro


M Gymkhana® We will be having a women’s only MGX® Day Session for all our female #ConeMonkeys to try out this great sport!

Get on you bike and come out to learn all about this quick, fast, technical and technique driven sport.  Motogymkhana is a fantastic sport which focuses on rider skill and improves your comfort, ability and feel when at speed on a motorcycle.  You will have an opportunity to ride 2 courses that are both technique focused: trail braking, smooth and aggressive throttle pick-up will be key on Course 1 will have you working hard to be and stay quick, but once you do… big time fun will follow. Course 2 will put all that you learned on Course 1 into focus. Hard breaking and acceleration, getting your head turned around. Looking ahead will really help you to get your times down, being aggressive with the throttle will definitely help and feeling comfortable braking on a lean will pay huge dividends! Looking forward to seeing all riders coming out and teaching you this great sport!

Remember though, you will be focusing on your own best time, concentrate on improving your own skills and the speed will come on it’s own. Focus on bike feel, vision, smooth and direct inputs, quicker transitions, trusting the tires and having a GREAT TIME!

Enjoy the full day of motogymkhana fun! Study the courses ahead of time, learn the rules and ride. Get personal riding instruction to better your skills and beat your fastest times!  Course Maps will be available 7days before Event!!

San Pedro Sept. 10thppal