Oct. 26th Sat. -MGX® Session/M Gymkhana® Competition – SPECIALS & Schedule of Events

Okay Gymkhaners,

Oct. 26th Saturday (Cal State L.A. Lot #7) 13:00hrs

Because we got such a late start to the session after finally finding a new home.  We’ve decided to forgo the Membership Fee for 2013

If you’d like to come out and try M Gymkhana® come out for a MGX® Day Session and pay only $35… but, if you’d like to try a MGX® Day Session and give M Gymkhana® Competition a try as well, it will be only $65 (no membership fee required)

That way you can get both for experiences for the price of only $65!!!

Two additional advantages if you sign up for all 6 Rounds!

  • Combo for all 6 rounds…  It’s only $135
  • 20% Discount on your 2014 Membership Fee!!!



Scedule of Events for Oct. 26th Saturday (Cal State L.A. Lot #7)

1300 – 1300hrs:  MGX®/ M Gymkhana® Competition Sign-up

1330 –1345hrs:     Briefing (Cones/Safety Review)

1345-1430hrs:     MGX® Course 1 Running (follow-the-leader, technique/line review)

1430-1500hrs:     Competition 1 Course Walk-thru

1500-1545hrs:     Competition Course 1 Time Attacks

1545-1600hrs:     Break

1600-1645hrs:     MGX® Course 2 Running (follow-the-leader, technique/line review)

1645-1715hrs:     Competition Course 2 Walk-thru

1715-1745hrs:     Competition Course 2 Time Attacks