Rounds 1 & 2 M Gymkhana® Oct. 26th

What a day!  Sat. Oct. 26th was a beautiful 78 or so degree day with a slight breeze coming out of the south west, blah, blah, blah…..  But the most important thing was….  the motorcycles and open parking lot that we were on.  C.S.L.A. lot #7 played host to the 1st two rounds of M Gymkhana® for the 2013 season.  We’ve found a home and got the year started, although late, but started.  We had a fantastic opportunity to welcome and introduce several new riders to the M Gymkhana® family with participation in both MGX® Day Sessions and Competition.  The MGX® Day Courses were fairly straight forward; a 7 coned- course and a bit of a more technical 2nd course got the riders familiar with rules/procedures of gymkhana riding and displayed some pretty good riding from all who participated.

M Gymkhana® Compeition Courses saw some confused faces and a little bit of head scratching, lol!!!  But the course walks helped the riders bring the course diagrams “to life”, so to speak.  But there’s the challenge.  Once you get on the bike and get up to speed, the challenge is slowing things down in your mind, so as not to miss, cones, entire sections of the course, layout, while trying to be quick…  and oh yeah, don’t forget to not tip it over.  There were no falls, but several DQ’s due to missing cones/sections on course.  Rounds 3 & 4 will no doubt see definate improvement in this area.  As the Photos and videos stream in, we will be posting them.  Below are photos provided by and the vidoe is from John Kestler’s onboard (onchest, lol).  Enjoy.