Sat. Nov. 16th M Gymkhana® Rounds 3 & 4/MGX® Day Session


We’re back at it again this Saturday for Competition and MGX® Day Session at CSLA Lot #7.

Schedule of events will follow the same format as October’s event. 

Start-time is 1300hrs, but if you’d like to come early to help set-up we won’t stop you!  Bring water and snacks and other riders (of course).  Looking forward to the days activities.   

We’ll see you there!

M Gymkhana® Fall Competition Standings after 2 Rounds:

  1. Joel Walta: 50 Points
  2. John Kestler: 40Points
  3. James Bush: 29 Points
  4. Marlon Calderon: 23 Points
  5. Rimania Balciunas: 16 Points
  6. Ken Weaver: 11 Points
  7. Steve “Dad” Walta: 11 Points